Coldwater Solar receives township permits, prepares for 2024 construction

Apex Clean Energy's Coldwater Solar project is moving closer to construction and eventual operations after receiving the necessary permit approvals from two local townships in recent weeks.

On January 31, the project received approval for its special use permit for facilities located in Coldwater Township, which will have the capacity to generate up to 55 MW of solar energy. On February 13, the Ovid Township portion of the project was also approved, which has a generating capacity of approximately 95 MW.

Together, the 150 MW project will generate enough homegrown Michigan clean energy to power about 27,000 homes annually. 

Visual simulation of Coldwater SolarApex Clean Energy's Mulligan Solar project in Logan County, Illinois (Apex Clean Energy)


Throughout the development process, Apex Clean Energy worked to incorporate public feedback on the project's layout, resulting in a community-informed design that features designated wildlife corridors, wildlife compatible fencing, and pollinator habitat on designated parcels, among other features.

"Coldwater Solar is a better project because of the public feedback and township input we received from numerous public information sessions, door-to-door conversations, and township meetings held over the past three years," said Connor Podkul, developer with Apex Clean Energy. "We want to thank everyone in the community who engaged with our team and provided feedback throughout the entire process."

Through the project's community grant program, Coldwater Solar has supported community organizations and causes ranging from the Branch District Library and Coldwater Chamber of Commerce to clubs and scholarship programs benefiting students in the Coldwater School District. Following construction, the project will also support local and regional conservation projects through $150,000 in grants from Apex Clean Energy's conservation grant program.

Beyond the project's community commitments, Coldwater Solar will provide an economic boost to the Coldwater area. The project is expected to create hundreds of jobs and significant local spending during construction, as well as a few permanent operations jobs. Local townships, school districts, and Branch County services will benefit from new tax revenue totaling more than $20 million, according to the project's economic impact study.

Looking ahead, Apex plans to begin construction on the project early next year and be putting new clean electricity on the grid by mid-2025. For more information and future updates on construction, visit or find the project on Facebook at